Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's In Your Purse?

Here is my latest purse. I have to admit I am quite proud of it since I made it. It is the first time I have ever attempted anything like this. I love quilting but have never much liked sewing. Does that make sense? I have never been one to enjoy sitting down to a sewing machine to make clothes. I've done it. I just don't enjoy it. When I began quilting it was ALL by hand. My first several projects, which include a queen size quilt, were completely hand pieced and hand quilted. Well, I got over that!! I now do almost all of my piecing on the machine and so far all my quilting has been by hand. I hope to remedy that soon! (I digress.)

Anyway, the reason for this post is because Pat Sloan who is one of my favorite designers has posted a challenge. She has asked what we have in our purses AND has promised a give-away if she can get 500 comments on her blog listing what is in our purses. How about it girls? She has some really nice patterns and fabric lines.

Here it is! Now don't be so surprised at how clean it is. Pat caught me on a good day. Inside are two coin purses. I'm not sure why I carry two because I never have any money anyway but there are two. Those white pieces of paper are the supply lists from the classes I am taking at the NQA Quilt Show in June. You never know when you might be around a quilt store, JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby to pick up an item or two from the list. Next is my pocket calendar. My family calls this "my brain" because if I don't write it down I don't remember it. Pretty sad, I know. I call them senior moments. Next is my wallet. See that little green slip poking out of the outside pocket. That is a coupon for a LQS. You can never have too many of those and of course, they need to be an easy reach. The little orange cap on the right side is my Tide Pen. Yes, I am a slob and try not to go anywhere without it. It's great!! There are regular writing pens in the same pocket. The pink showing down in the pocket to the back is my pink chocolate phone. Well, that's it. Nothing exciting. But you need to go on over to Pat's blog and read what Shelley has in her purse. Let me tell you, if I get stranded on an desert island I want Shelley there with her purse(s).
Thanks for stopping by. Happy quilting.


Bill said...

Hey Cutie,
I don't have a purse LOL, but I DO have a rag quilt that I love. When are you going to post a pic of that?

No money in those coin purses? hmmmm..................

gingerquilts said...

Love your purse! It's exactly what I'd love to carry. Mine would never be that neat, though!!