Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eleanor Burns

If you ever have the opportunity to see Eleanor Burns with her Victory Quilts show don't miss it. She is a hoot. Her new book Victory Quilts is out and she has put together a fun show that highlights WWI with quilts. Here are a few highlights from the show.

This was just the introduction. You can see a little of the sampler from the book behind her.

As you see, she changed for the show. Behind her another of the quilts from the book.

Her son, Orion, was a big part of her show. Here they are doing the Victory Polka. He was a lot of fun. He and Cindy, her store manager, ran the booth at the show while she taught classes daily.

She would show up at the lunch break to sign books. I have been wanting her Egg Money Quilts for sometime now so I bought it and had her autograph it for me. This picture, however, was taken Thursday night after the show.

As you can tell, I really had a great time at the quilt show. I took a machine quilting class the final day and had a blast. I'm not sure my machine will be as easy as the Janome 6600 we were sewing on but I'm gonna give it a try.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Quilting!


rachelgriffith said...

oh eleanor burns is too cute!!!

i'm glad you had alot of fun.
{and you got the book you've been wanting.}

Kristie said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun!!! I love her books!

OzRose said...

Sounds like you had a really good time and Eleanor seems like a hoot!

Julia said...

What fun!
Eleanor, looks such fun and love her dressing up to suit.