Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It's fun to go visit family and friends (well, mostly fun; more on that later) BUT it's also really great to be back home. And just let me say, that I'm home to stay (for a little while, at least). Our trip to Texas was looooong but oh so worth it. My grandmother seemed to really love her quilt. It was wonderful to spend so much time with her and my mom. My one regret is that I didn't get pictures of my grandmother with the quilt. I'll have get my mom to help me out there!! (Thanks mom, just helping you finish up that film). I wish I could say the trip down and back was uneventful. Oh how I wish I could!! The trip was 17 hours each way. We were within 35 miles of mom's house on the way down when we heard something unusual. We knew right away (because we felt it) that we had a flat tire. You know that feeling? Well, we pulled over and just looked at each other. We were only half a mile from a rest area which had a gas station but I didn't want to drive that far on the rim. So what did we do, you ask?

Well, I'm pretty independent as you can tell from the fact that sweet kid #3 and I were on this long trip by ourselves. I've made the trip several times alone. No sweat! But it's been about 30 years since I've had a flat without my husband being with me. So I call him, like he can help, being 16+ hours away. (Side note - Aren't cell phone just the greatest little things?) He suggests the can of Fix A Flat in the little emergency kit we have. So (for the first time since it happened) we get out of the van to look at the tire and Nope that's not gonna work. It had flat blown in half. But by doggie, (sorry, we were really close to the Texas border) with his wonderful moral support we changed that there tire and were on our way. (Second side note - Don't you just hate those little donuts they call spare tires?) We were right proud of ourselves.

Here's my third(and final) side note - Do you know that the entire time we were on the side of that busy road (I-44 in Oklahoma) not one person stopped to help two females changing a tire. OK, I said I was independent; I didn't say I was a feminist. I would have been more than happy to let some Oklahoma cowboy change that tire for us. But, NOOOOOO not a soul stopped. This little Texas girl (well, maybe not so little) was sorely disappointed in her Oklahoma neighbors.

Getting down off my soapbox and on to the quilting front, I got back to work yesterday on my Orange Crush. The mystery is solved already but sadly I fell behind. So back to my sewing machine I go to sew up half square triangles for step 4. I also had some interesting mail today but since this has gotten long enough you'll just have to wait until tomorrow for that.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting!!


Andee said...

Keep up the good work on the OC...I just sent mine off to my longarmer today...I can't wait to see a picture of yours!

Thimbleanna said...

Hi Donna! I've had fun trying to catch up with you -- whew! You've been a busy girl! I LOVE your grandmother's quilt -- just wonderful and I LOVE that block and the colors you used. I also enjoyed your post about Eleanor Burns -- I've never been a big fan of hers, but I saw her fabrics last week that go with that victory quilt and I LOVE them. Glad you're back home safely -- I could just picture you on the side of 44 -- we drive that stretch of highway going to OK -- can't say it's one of my favorite things to do either LOL!