Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!!

Since arriving home from my trip to Houston December 8th I have been in fast forward mode. Note to self -- next year DO NOT plan any out of town trips after Thanksgiving!!! I did, however, get an amazing amount of sewing done while in Houston. So what else happens at a quilt store? Duh!! (Another Duh!! Yes I did bring home fabric and patterns. Those pictures coming after Christmas.)

I did not finish all the projects I had planned for gifts but did get the major ones done and they are wrapped and under the tree(or in route to their prospective recipients). Sorry the gifts are arriving late mom. ;-(

As you can see, I also got some baking done. These nut cookies are a tradition in my husband's family. They are a must every year even if nothing else gets baked. There is more but no pictures of anything else. Really the main reason I am on the computer at all today is to wish all of you who celebrate this wonderful season a blessed Christmas! I hope you enjoy this time of family and friends while remembering the real reason for this season doesn't lie in the decorations, gifts, food or even time with loved ones. Jesus was born one blessed night so that He could live and die to live again so we might have life eternal.

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