Saturday, February 7, 2009


I was so fortunate to win a prize from Elizabeth of Creative Breathing blog this past week. Is this not the cutest little valentine peg doll you have ever seen? The time that must have gone into making this little cutie-pie just amazes me. The hair alone had to take forever. Each little ringlet is felt sewn in a zig-zag fashion. The details are so cute. I just wish you could tell from my awful photography.

I have so enjoyed being a part of the blogging world. It's not always an easy thing to lay your life out there for all to see. (Not that I think the whole world is reading my blog!!!) It can be very intimidating to share your hopes and feelings whether they be past, present or future. To show the things we create all the while hoping that they will be enjoyed by the reader as much as we enjoyed creating them. To risk criticism and hurt from people we may not even know by showing just a part of ourselves is scary. But still, many of us do it.

Elizabeth is a master storyteller. Her stories come from her life which seems to be full of colorful adventures and intrigue. She'll tell you not to ask what she did yesterday because she'll not be able to remember the details but the way she recalls her childhood is amazing. Who can figure out our minds? If you haven't ever been over to Elizabeth's blog, it is well worth your time to read her stories, let alone look at all of her amazingly wonderful creations.

Thanks so much Elizabeth for sharing your life and your creativeness with me. I love my little sweetheart peg doll.


Lurline said...

I love your Header, I love your Valentine Dolly and now I'm off to visit Elizabeth's blog, thanks!
Hugs - Lurline♥

happy zombie said...

Elizabeth is AMAZING! I'm so glad you won!