Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fabric, Fabric, and more Fabric

My gracious, where has February gone? I can't believe it!! Whoever said that the older you get the faster time passes was sure right. Not that I'm getting old, mind you, time just keeps on speeding by while everyone else ages. ;-)

Last week heavy snow was forecast for the weekend. Now we all know that means you have to make sure ahead of time that you are well stocked with all the necessary items to make it through for a few days in case it gets really, really bad. You probably think I headed right out to the grocery store, right? Wrong!! I headed up to The Door Mouse in Bettsville, OH. It was an hours drive but I had a couple of pieces of fabric I needed to finish off two different projects that are already in the works and if I was going to be snowed in then I was going to be sewing.

You just would not believe this place. They have been in business for 30 years and to commemorate their anniversary they gave me a nice ecology bag for the next time I come in . The staff were all very helpful. But most importantly you will not believe the selection of fabrics they have. Here are some pictures taken by a fellow Ohio blogger, Lisa over at CandleLite Quilter (yes, my camera is STILL broken). Thanks Lisa for letting me steal(borrow) your pictures.
This is what every aisle in the place looks like. The fabrics are grouped by color, as you can see. Here are just a couple of the aisles and a corner as the back wall is filled also. And yes, there are fabrics behind all those bolts sitting on the floor. (Not much room for walking!!)

Did I mention this place is in a barn? Yes, there is even a second floor loaded down with all the flannels and Christmas projects. There are projects for all their kits all over the place. And just let me tell you how surprised I was when I went to the bathroom. Yes, that is where all the patterns for all Carrie Nelson's Schnibbles. I think I even laughed outloud when I saw that. I wonder how many of those patterns they lose with ladies just dropping a few of those in their purses or shopping bags? No, I bought mine already kitted up. (I'll show that to you another day.) It was just a thought but we also know that quilters are VERY honest people!! These next pictures are of the upstairs and the view from upstairs.

With all the fabric crammed in this store can you believe that they didn't have the two specific pieces I was looking for? I promise, they didn't. I just could not believe it. I had to have those exact pieces since one is for sashing that I ran out of on the last row and the other was some of the Thimbleberries for this year's project that I cut wrong (silly me!!!). Well, not to worry I bought the little Schnibbles kit and a couple of repro shirtings to put into a mini log cabin. (Again, enough pictures today. I'll show that one another day.)

Thanks for dropping by!
Happy Quilting!!


Brenda said...

I think I would have needed anti anxiety medication... too much of a good thing stresses me out. And they had WAY too much good stuff.I can tell just from the pictures.Pass the St. John's Wort and gas up the car, woo-hoo!

Thimbleanna said...

Ahhh, The Door Mouse! I think it's a great shop. One of my friends refuses to go there anymore though -- it's too cramped for her. They need to build on to their barn!