Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!!

Do you celebrate May Day? I never have but last year thought it might be fun to make some of Monica's little Pennie Pockets to share with friends(picture below is from Monica's website). Did I get it done? Of course not!!! As usual, it snuck (is that a word??) up on me. Time just races by as we seem to get busier and busier. It's a vicious circle!

April was a busy month full of fun and rain. May will be even busier. I cannot believe that it is only 30 short days until our baby's graduation. What a mixed bag of emotions I am dealing with. We are so proud of her (as we are with our boys also!!), yet it just doesn't seem possible that all three of our sweet kids will now be adults. It seems to me that it was just last month they were all under they age of five and I thought I would be changing diapers and potty training kids FOREVER!!! Oh, what sweet days those were! Isn't hind-sight grand?! I do remember alot of whining while in the midst of all those diapers. I remember wishing for some "me" time or at least to be able to go to the bathroom without little fingers being poked under the door. Ah, what sweetness!!!

Well, thanks for indulging my melancholy. Time to return to the present since we're off to Columbus today to pick up our sweet baby's prom date from the airport. Now there's a story you'll want to hear. But now we've gotta run!!

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Happy Quilting!!

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Thimbleanna said...

You must tell the prom date story! And isn't it just weird? What happened to our babies??? WHERE did the time go. I WANT IT BACK!!! ;-)