Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day celebrated at Myrtle Beach

Life leads us down so many pathes. As I sat in church this morning at First Baptist Church North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I was reminded of the sacrifices made by so many that I could attend this very service. How grateful to them and especially to God I am for this freedom we take so for granted.
As I sat in church with dear friends from our seven years spent in Illinois, my thoughts were on a dear friend from our time now spent in Lima, Ohio. She is a precious lady who continues to be one who challenges me daily to "remember" the things of God and the pathes He guides us down. The pastor this morning spoke on "Stones of Remembrance". I know he was taking that subject because of Memorial Day but it is a topic I have been pondering this past couple of weeks because of my sweet friend Kathy's blog. She has reminded me lately of the many times the Bible speaks of remembrances.

Memorials were set up to recall divine visitations so that others might learn about God when they would ask, 'What do these stones mean?' (Joshua 4:6 - The Bible Knowledge Commentary) Divine visitations - isn't that a great thought? That the Creator of this grand universe would set up a time to meet with me? Wow!!
But the most prevalent use of "remembrance" in the Bible is the command to remember the Lord and His mighty deeds. As I spent the afternoon gazing out on the beautiful ocean and the amazing beauty, the precision of the tides, the wonderful sun, how could I not remember the God who made it all and who takes the time to meet me where I am and to love me unconditionally through it all. I stand amazed!!

(Photo not mine. It was taken from website. Hopefully, some of mine will follow soon.)
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Kathlyn Burrus said...

Donna, I was so excited to read how Myrtle Beach was for you!
I wept as I read of your 'remembrances' and then realized I got to be part of that. Thank you for reminding me we are not remembering alone.
And then as I read- I realized you just gave me the application for a speaking engagement I'm doing next week. I've been stuck- but now I know what to do- memorial stones!
Thanks for helping me 'remember'!
Glad you are having a great time! Love you!

tullock said...

The picture ALMOST looks like it could be here! Don't you think?

So happy to get to see you for a whole week!!