Monday, July 12, 2010

Spicy Doin's Round Here, Ya'll

Another week has come and gone.  We have been busy.  Besides all the normal happenings of life and gardening, we have been preparing to send our youngest off to college in a few weeks.  Very bittersweet days!!  And, since I don't want to cry all over you I will move onto another happier subject.

Our garden is doing so well.  We are just so excited about the bounty! I spent yesterday afternoon canning jalapenos.  Yes, jalapenos.  We are native Texans, you know!!  I guess it's true what they say...You might take the girl out of Texas but you'll never take the Texas out of the girl. 

So many jalapenos but that's okay because we eat alot of them.

After slicing up all those little peppers, I filled four pint jars full of them along with a vinegar brine to pickle them.  I then put them in a water bath for 10 minutes and out they came.  They will have to set up for about six weeks before we can eat them.  I expect to be able to get at least 4 more pints of peppers put up with the way out plants are producing.  If only the tomatoes would ripen we could have homemade salsa.  Now we're talking!!!

And, I think I forgot to tell you that a couple of weeks ago I spent one afternoon canning 18 half-pints of  homemade strawberry jam.  It didn't have to set up and we are really enjoying it!!

I'm really enjoying the new sewing machine.  The knee lift for the pressure foot is great for speeding along on chain piecing.  Soooo much more to learn!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!


tullock said...

As you know, I don't DO peppers at all, but I'm happy you guys have them! I would love to be there for the yummy tomatoes though. We've never been able to get any to grow here. But, we're not very good gardeners, either.

Your strawberry jam looks beautiful and yummy. Jill Young cans it too and shares with us. : )

Happy to hear from you!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Can I send hubby to live with you? He loves those hot little peppers. Me...not so much. Tummy ache ensues LOL. Your jars look so pretty!