Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hand's Down -- I'm a real cut-up!

No, I mean it. A literal cut up.

I volunteer one morning a week at my church doing whatever needs to be done to lighten the load for the staff. I answer the phone, greet visitors, proofread, whatever! The past two weeks I have spent the morning cutting out hands for our children's minister, Jill. She tells me they are actually sunflower petals. All this takes me back to my years as a young mother when I worked at our church's Mother's Day Out program. I always loved this kind of thing. Don't ask me why. Maybe as a kid I didn't get to play with scissors. Maybe I like mindless work. Probably I'm just nuts!! (No comments from the peanut gallery. Ha Ha - pun intended)

Today was especially a blessing to be able to serve Jill all the while praying for her, her husband and their family. You see, Jill's husband had open heart surgery today. In fact, he's in surgery as I type. Life is so strange. Last week, as she and I discussed these "sunflower petals", all was good. This week, as I cut, her life is markedly different. As the song goes, Life is hard but God is good. Please pray for Jill that their lives will quickly get back to laughter and sunflowers!

Back to quilting tomorrow!

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