Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mayberry Again

We stayed at the home of some dear friends while in Mayberry. (Thanks again Lynn and Larry!) They weren't there so we sneaked in (Ha -- not really). Although they are on vacation they offered their home to us for the weekend. Such great friends!! Sunday morning while we were getting ready for church sweet kid #3 called me down to the kitchen. I couldn't believe my eyes. Here's the story as it unfolded.......

Hey, I see something moving inside that house.

I'd better go check it out.
I need to get a little closer.
Hmm...This trip is taking longer than I thought. I think I need to stop for a snack.
Better! Now I just need to get serious and get there.
Finally, I've arrived. Now, I'll just be subtle and sneak a look.
What is it?
Oh, nothing exciting. Just a couple of idiots. I think I'll just go find something else to eat. Oh, nuts!! One of them has a camera.
OK, enough already. I'm outta here.
Sheesh, Paparazzi!!
Well, maybe that is not exactly what happened but we were mesmerized. I had never seen an albino squirrel. They are common in a small town nearby but I had never seen them. It was so cool that I nearly made us late to church.

Sorry again no quilting. Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Quilting!


Sarah and Jack said...

Heh, a white squirrel, pretty cool. I have never seen one of those either.

I have, however, seen an albino alligator. Also cool.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I've never seen an albino squirrel. He's pretty.