Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Weekend in Mayberry

Not really Mayberry but that's what we called the small town we moved from last July. After living in Houston, TX for 23 years, moving to a community of around 6,800 was a breath of fresh air. We loved it. In fact, we would not have chosen to leave but...(that's another story for another day). Anyway, it was graduation weekend back in Mayberry so we traveled the 5 hours (even though gas was $3.99/gal.). We made such special friends there(Thanks Lynn and Larry!!).

Friday night was Oblong's graduation. Yes, there really is an Oblong, IL. It was great to see old friends and watch two special friends graduate. There were more in the class graduating but only two were special to us. The one of the left is my sweet kid #3. The one on the right is the graduate.

Saturday night was graduation for "Mayberry". Again, sweet kid #3 is on the right and the graduate is on the left. There were many special ones to watch here since that is where our kids went to school. This one was the best bud for sweet kid #3. They were inseparable until we moved.

There are many more stories from our weekend but those will come later. Sorry there was no sewing going on. I didn't even take a project with me as I knew there would be no time for it.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting!

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