Thursday, July 24, 2008


Monday was just one of those days. Tuesday I became distracted. While looking through my stash for a backing needed for a christmas stitchery(yes, it's never too early to start sewing for Christmas) I was overcome by a horrible smell down deep in the tote bag I was perusing. It was awful. Nothing doing except to take all that fabric (most of it was fat quarters) and dump it in the washer. It was a washer load (and a little left on the laundry floor, if I'm completely honest). Well, you know what came next. I had to iron all that fabric once it came out of the dryer. Since I was on a roll, I grabbed my scrap bucket (one of them at least) and started ironing those little scraps. That rubbermaid bin(luckily a small one) has been a tangled mess for years with me just diving in and making it worse every time I needed scraps for another project. Two days later I have it all nice and ironed, organized and put away.

In the meantime, I am still distracted by everything. Most evenings my husband and I sit down to watch a movie. That's when I pick up my handwork. So this week I have been working on some stitchery kits I bought in Columbus last month at a booth called The Good Life. Both of the ladies were so very nice. That's the same booth where I bought the Quilt Pati's also. This is the one that started the whole ironing binge. As you can see I did find a backing fabric for it or at least you'll have to take my word for it since all you can see is the top and the batting.

Here's a close up of the stitchery part. It was really fast and easy.

I didn't get it basted together until last night to start the quilting on it. I was too busy with these.

I will have to decide on borders for both of these. I really enjoy doing them. They are so relaxing to do. It's sad but I almost can't watch a movie anymore unless my hands are busy. But not too sad!!

I'm also still working on this.
I have almost all of the pieces made. I just need to sew together the top and bottom half square triangles and then I can put all the pieces together. Then where do I go from there? I am so distracted by it all. I'm just going to have to concentrate on one project, get it finished and then maybe this mojo of distraction will disappear. There are just too many fun projects to be done!!

One last thing - Penny is having a little beauty of a give-away that you will WANT to be included in. Jump on over there and take a look.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting!


rachelgriffith said...

i think that you did a GREAT job.

hi-5 to you that you got your scraps ironed. that's a BIG job. lol.

Lurline's Place said...

Oh, Donna,
What a lot of work and waste of stitching time - never mind! Your little quilt is coming along beautifully - love it!
Quilty Hugs - Lurline.

Wendy said...

The Lori Smith quilt is wonderful, you'll have in finished sooner than you think.

~Joan said...


I love the Christmas stitchery. I have 2 questions about it...

*what are the letters stitched on? I mean what type of fabric.

*Is this a pattern, or did you make it up?

~Joan, who is always in search of CHRISTIAN Christmas decorations, but has resorted to making most of her own.

~Joan said...

Dear Donna,

I got my "The good life" stitchery in the mail today. Could you save me the time of figuring by telling me how big your finished stitchery center is, how large your inner border is (finished) and how large the HSTs are around it? I need to conserve as many brain cells as possible.