Friday, July 25, 2008

She's Done

She's done. Are quilts she's? Not sure but it seems right to me. After whining to all you good listeners yesterday(thanks!), I finished up this little jewel. One of the nice things about these Lori Smith Four Plus One Patterns is that you get a complete quilt out of five fat quarters. It's a small quilt, but it's a quilt.

Here's the back all pieced together. The only thing is that you have to be really careful about your cutting. I'm not sure I will only buy five for the next one of these I try. It just made me real nervous with the cutting and then I goofed when cutting the bias stems for the applique and ended up having to use the cream for the back instead of the brown you see around the little churn dash squares. It's not a big deal except I didn't get all five fabrics on the back.

I don't think I will do too much quilting on it so I should finish it up quickly.

This is my next project. It's sad, but I bought this pattern at least 5 years ago. I had forgotten about it until today when (still on my cleaning/organizing binge) I rediscovered several patterns and kits stuck down in a drawer.

I'm going to make the garland. Many moons ago I bought a bolt of muslin with my 40% off coupon at JoAnn's. I have most the DMC colors already. So this afternoon while doing laundry, I spent some time with the light box and tracing pen. I can begin stitching whenever I'm ready.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting!


rachelgriffith said...

your little quilt is AWESOME!!!

isn't it amazing what we dig up when we reorganize???


Wendy said...

Your new little quilt is awesome, I love the pinks and browns.