Monday, January 19, 2009

Block of the Month Fever

I know that if you are a quilter or a stitcher you have seen all the block of the month projects that have popped up all over the internet. I have never done a block of the month but this year seems to be the year. I have succumbed to several.

Anne Sutton of Bunny Tales has a free BOM on her blog. Her work is so very cute that I thought I would join right in on this one.

Then I discovered a BOM at This-N-That Creations called Ladies of the Snow. I couldn't resist! It is "snow-ladies and quilting. I borrowed this photo from their website. It is the first block which I have already received. I REALLY need to get busy on this one since I just received word that the second is in the mail already.

And then there is this cute one from Ellie's Quiltplace. It can be done as a stitchery or as appliqué. I'm not sure that I'm not gonna do both.

Ok, I know there is a theme here. I just love snowmen (or ladies as the case may be). Since they all started out that way I just couldn't resist any of them. There are so many more of them out there that I would love to do but my family seems to think they need meals and clean laundry. And then there's also this!!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Quilting!!!


Lurline said...

Love your Header - and your puppy is doing so nicely - he's the little border collie, isn't he? Do they still dock tails in the US? I think it is illegal in most parts of Australia, now!
Hugs - Lurline♥

creative breathing said...

Oh Donna, Your penny rug is beautiful! I am also doing the block of the month. I will have to try and figure out how to add that button. Thank you so much for playing my puzzle. Take me to your leader is not a movie - just what mean boys said to me! and Why Me? was a tv movie. Two more guesses and you're in! Have a great week! Elizabeth

Thimbleanna said... on earth are we supposed to keep up with all of this cuteness and still read blogs LOL???? Love your doggie pictures!