Saturday, January 24, 2009

Block of the Month Progress

One down, and....I've lost count of how many more to go. First, let me apologize for the quality of this picture. I know I am not a great photographer but this one is especially bad. It was taken with my phone (which, in itself, is amazing to me) because our camera is broken at the moment. So this will have to do. Anyway, here is the first block from Ellie's Country Calendar BOM. Since you can't tell by looking, the fabric around the stitchery is a dark blue check. And those are real black buttons sewn on the snowman.

I have drawn the stitchery pattern onto the muslin for the Snowladies BOM from This-N-That Creations and will begin stitching on it tonight. I know it will take much longer to stitch than the one above.

And, as if I haven't taken on enough projects. I have joined something else!! I know. I'm obsessed!!!
For my non-quilting readers, I will try to explain what a siggy swap is. Several quilters have organized a swap for 60 of us. We will be making signature squares from a pattern specified by them. When they are swapped, each of us will have signature squares from all over the world. So far I think there are quilters from USA, UK, Australia and Germany registered. There are still a few spots and I'm hoping quilters from other countries will jump on the bandwagon. It continues to amaze me how small our world is getting!!! (More of that amazing technology.) I haven't decided yet how to sign my squares. I want to make it something really special. Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Quilting!!


Thimbleanna said...

Yahoo -- you're doing the siggy swap. If you get any good tips for the signature part, let me know -- I'm trying to think of something fun too!

Morah said...

I may need to jump in on that snowman stitchery BOM. I'm a sucker for snowmen. You may want to pop over to my blog. If I did things correctly, you may get a surprise!! If not, well, I'm goofey and got the wrong blogger!!! LOLO!!!!

creative breathing said...

Adoreable block! I wanted to let you know that you have won a Valentine pegdoll from creative breathing - me! If you will e-mail me your address at I will post it to you. Thank you so very much for playing along, it was so much fun for me! Elizabeth