Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Month Later.....

Things have been hopping around here. We got through graduation with a multitude of tears from me. :-( It was a great time with lots of family and friends visiting (but not quite enough company - we missed you Mom, M & V!!!).

We are so very proud of her. Now she and Rudy(remember the tulip eater??) are off tomorrow to the big city for 6 weeks of "school". They are attending the National K-9 Learning Center where she will be certified as a Master Trainer. She is excited!! Rudy doesn't know what he's gotten himself into!!

So now you know why I've not taken time to post in the last month. What with all the "end of the school career" awards banquets, parties, rehearsals, graduations, family and friends in and out AND getting her ready to go off to school so quickly after all the celebrations, we've been pretty busy. And then there's that trip to Wyoming also...we leave next week! WooHoo!!!!! I'm so ready for a vacation.

So tell you have big plans for a summer vacation?


rachel griffith said...

congrats to your whole family!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations to you and your daughter! And Wyoming -- how fun! Are you going to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons??? We'll be farther south this summer -- hoping to visit the Grand Canyon and Zion!

Brenda said...

Family milestones are without a doubt the most important ocassions in my life so I share your joy and wish you many more days of family fun this Summer! I am just hoping for a few days of sunshine in NH to take my Prince swimming in the beach, HIS favorite thing to do. I can live without the sand mess, believe me...but if it makes him happy, well, what the heck!? =)

Morah said...

Congrats to you!