Sunday, August 2, 2009

What happened to July?

Well, I'm back from my unscheduled blogging break. Where did the summer go? It seems as though we just celebrated graduation and now it's August. We have had so much going on around here and I've had so much to share that I find myself completely overwhelmed by it all. So, I just didn't post. So, where it start?????

I guess we should start by saying that our sweet daughter and Rudy finished up their schooling. Yes, it was a 6 week course. I know you didn't get any updates either. Just suffice it to say, they are both very different now. Our girl has had a taste of independence and found it much to her liking. Our Rudy is now a well-behaved (well -- almost!!!) puppy. He has learned so much and seems somewhat lost now that he doesn't have a full scheduled routine anymore. And, just like a kid who finds himself in a new setting he's trying all the limits and failing. His "mama" is a strict one and doesn't let him get away with anything. Aren't they cute??

After dropping them off at school, hubby and I jumped on a plane for Wyoming. It was some of the most amazing scenery. I took hundreds of pictures and would love to bore you with them all but I'll just post a few. I know you're saying, "Whew, dodged that bullet!!".

These are the Grand Tetons taken with my phone. I just couldn't get over how beautiful the snow-capped mountains were.

These three are of Wind River Canyon just out of Thermopolis. It is an Indian Reservation and just pristine and gorgeous.

I have loads more news and pictures to share. But this one was just to get my blogging feet wet again and not overly bore you!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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Thimbleanna said...

Can you believe summer is almost gone? Looks like you had a great trip -- beautiful pictures!