Sunday, August 30, 2009

Living in the Midwest

Can I just tell you that most days I absolutely love living in the midwest. Today, August 30th, the temperatures here are in the 60's. We are supposed to have a high of 69 degrees. It is too cool here for shorts. I spent the firsts 45 years of my live in Texas and NEVER did we have a day in August that didn't require shorts, tank top and flip flops. NEVER!! This is wonderful!!!

You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture. The one I've been using is four or five year old. As a fund raiser for our Uganda trip, we took and sold photos at our church. My only complaint with these pictures is that my sons weren't here to be included.

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Brenda said...

That's my favorite weather. NH has cooled down a bit too but my Prince wears shorts until the Summer is officially over, no matter what the thermostat reads, LOL! Really, he will wear shorts at 60 and even high 50's (we're in NH...high of 50 in May IS shorts weather, LOL!)
Your new pics are awesome. You look 20, woo-HOO!

Thimbleanna said...

Nice to see you Donna! Can you believe this weather -- it's gorgeous!!!