Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One More Try

This little plot of land has been sitting idle the three years we have lived here. I'm sure it's where the previous owner's had grown a very prolific garden. We have talked about using the space since we got here but, you see, we have never had very good luck with gardens.

In fact, you could very honestly say, we have had very bad luck with gardening. The first time we tried we were still living in Houston and had a draught you would not believe. Of course, everything died no matter how much we watered. The next year, still in Houston, we had floods and AGAIN everything died. So we gave up.

We even tried again after we had moved to another house in Houston but had no luck again. We decided it was much easier to buy vegetables at the grocery store!!

If you blow this picture up you will see that my sweet hubby is sticking his tongue out at me. I guess he didn't like me standing around taking pictures while he was working so hard. Go figure!!

Well, we are going to give it one more try!! We are hoping that this nice Ohio weather will be better for garden novices. We (that would be HE) tilled up the rich dark soil that looks very fertile (at least to us). He has gotten the rows all ready for the planting. And now, I'm off for the easy part.....the garden center to buy the plants.
So, if you would, say a prayer for our gardening efforts and come back soon to check in on our new adventure!!

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