Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweet Sunshine

The past two days have been really beautiful here. We won't mention the vicious lightning storm we had last night!! Such sweet sunshine and temps in the low 70's. I have been sitting out on the back deck reading and getting some much needed sun.

I just love these little johnny jump-ups. I'm so glad they come back every spring. The colors are just beautiful. Wouldn't that combination of purple and yellow make a gorgeous quilt? Hmm, I might just have to think about that. As if I need another project!!! I have so many WIPs (Works in Progress - for all you non-quilters). They have been weighing heavy on my mind lately. Just not heavy enough to get me back into my sewing room and get them finished up.

Now, where did I lay my book?????

1 comment:

Thimbleanna said...

Those little johnny jumpups are beautiful. I need to plant some -- do you know if they'll grow in the shade?