Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What can I say.....I'm a joiner!

We have a break in the regularly scheduled travel updates.  Okay, I know I've only posted one and I'm about to leave on my third trip of the month but this is a completely different subject matter.

So, I wanted to announce that I'm joining up with some pretty amazing bloggers for a Sew Scrap Along.

Jodi Nelson from Pleasant Home blog fame is hosting a scrappy sew along and I have joined up.  I just know I have told you more than once that scrappy quilts are my ALL-TIME FAVORITES of any quilts out there.  So this is right up my alley!!

Now we all know that Christmas (sorry Anna, I used the "C" word) is right around the corner so I really don't have time to start 4 or 5 new projects but how can I refuse when I LOVE scrappy quilts?  I Can't!!  So we are off.  If you are a quilter I would invite you to join us and join in all the scrappy fun we will be having over the next few weeks.  If you aren't then you can just watch as we sew up some scrappy goodness, or at least start a few more UFO's to feel guilty about.

Thanks for stopping by.  Now we return to our regularly scheduled travel blogging(maybe).

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Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, I really wanted to do this -- but with quilt market and Christmas (you're forgiven, I've been using it too -- eek!) and too many UFOs just around the corner, I couldn't do it. I'll live vicariously through YOU! ;-)