Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Florida Trip

We flew down to Jacksonville, FL last week to visit Sweet Kid #1 and His Sweetie. It was so good to spend time with both of them and all their 4-legged babies.

We arrived there Saturday evening to much heat and humidity. I don't miss that southern heat AT ALL!! We had a fantastic mexican meal but sorry, I don't remember the name of the restaurant where we ate.

Sunday we spent the afternoon at the World Golf Village with the majority of that time in the Golf Hall of Fame. I'm not a golfer but after living with one for almost 24 years i have to say that I enjoyed it very much.

Notice that they are even smiling in the shot below. They were so patient while we enjoyed all the exhibits.

Our Sweet Kid #3 is a tall fellow(6' 8") so we were quite amazed to find a driver that was too tall for even him.

After going through the Hall of Fame we played the 18 hole putting course. I almost didn't make it from the heat. I'm such a wimp!! It was a fun afternoon and a beautiful place to visit.

We then drove into San Augustine which is the nation's oldest city. We walked around the city a bit; toured the Castillo de San Marcos; and visited the San Augustine Lighthouse. It was a gorgeous day. I could have gone on sightseeing for hours but....well, you judge whether you think my Sweet Hubby is thinking the same thing.
I'm thinking that I'm glad those cannons in the background don't work anymore cause he was ready to shoot me out of one of them. And let me tell you it got worse. We got back to the car and they all thought we were headed back to Jacksonville. But I lead us on an adventure to see this.
I could see the lighthouse across the bay from the Castillo and I wasn't gonna leave until I got up close. Unfortunately, when we got there it was 25 min. past the time of the last guests being admitted up onto the lighthouse. I was crushed. So, my sweet hubby got out of the car with me and we took several photos. I just love this next one with the gnarly trees. Those trees were so cool!!
That's enough for one day. The trip to the quilt store was the next day. I'll share those tomorrow. Aren't family vacation slide shows just the worst?
Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting!!

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